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The Sorola Foundation

the sorola foundation

To enrich the lives of youth from underserved Houston communities through partnerships with local businesses and fellow philanthropic organizations.

Established in 2013, The Sorola Foundation aims to enhance the lives of children. Blessed with an abundance of love, support and guidance from both of his parents, and raised in a small town with not many resources, Rene Sorola feels like he was fortunate with a dedicated, hands on father that strived to instill the young Sorola with virtues, moral responsibility, humanity, and gratitude. All while teaching him how to play baseball, soccer, and basketball. His mother, Maria, cheered him on and had a home cooked meal for the family every night. Rene still believes that his parents are his heroes, and he would be nothing if it wasn’t for all they instilled upon him and his sister when they were young.

He started the foundation with the hopes of being able to provide some of the wonderful mentorship and support that he received from his auspicious childhood, to children who aren't as fortunate. Partnering with various organizations throughout Houston, Sorola finds his purpose in bringing smiles to kids’ faces.

Whether it’s bringing an NFL or NBA player to brighten a child’s day, one-on-one quality time teaching a child to ride a bike, showering at-risk children with gifts from their Christmas wish list, support for displaced families after natural disasters, or renting out Chuck E. Cheese for a group of kids, his goal is to provide guidance and opportunity, eventually expanding into scholarship funds, to help children thrive and reach their full potential.

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